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  • Michael Garski

    Michael Garski

    Director of Platform Engineering at Fender Digital

  • Walid Saba, PhD

    Walid Saba, PhD

    Principal AI Scientist, ONTOLOGIK.AI

  • Arducam


    Camera solutions expert for embedded systems - like Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson, Arduino — from lens to sensor to driver to PCB and industrial design.

  • Stevanoska Evgenija

    Stevanoska Evgenija

  • Dan McCreary

    Dan McCreary

    Distinguished Engineer with an interest in knowledge graphs, AI and complex systems. Big fan of STEM, Arduino, robotics, DonkeyCars and the AI Racing League.

  • LiberaTrade


  • Samet Surmez

    Samet Surmez

    Data Engineer

  • Pactera EDGE

    Pactera EDGE


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